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Monday, October 11, 2010

Nest Theme Baby Shower

I love baby showers...they are just so much fun to plan and host!

This weekend we held a baby shower at our house for my sister
who is expecting the most perfect little boy next month.

When I started the planning of this shower
 the baby's name had not been
decided upon yet nor had the room decor. 

So, I decided to go with a nest theme
with the blue and brown colors.
And let me tell you...I can beat a theme into the ground. 
I'm sure by the time everyone went home they had
had enough of nests, the word nest, nest related foods.....
you get the point!

I'm going to apologize now for the long post and numerous pictures....but I can't help myself

Favors and Sign when you walk into the garden


Table Setting


Salad under cloche with Parmesan nest and blueberries

The main dish was individual Chicken Pot Pies...
because why??? 
They look like a nest......
in hindsight however, trying to eat a hot pot pie outside
 in the South Florida heat...not such a great idea.

Cupcake Tower
(do you realize how hard these things are to get out of the cupcake box without getting icing everywhere?)
Again hindsight is always 20/20....I would have done this totally different!
No yellow liners (I thought I could use the blue/brown ones I bought...nope wouldn't fit!
And the icing smeared on the liners...not my best move.
But hey....we were in the thick of the shower...lucky I was able to take a picture at all

Lavender sachet favors

Last week they named the baby.....

The flower bed was my favorite part of the shower....
because my very thoughtful husband surprised me with it.
He thought of it and bought all the stuff  and planted it!
I love that man!

Hurry up Baby Aidan and get here
we can't wait to meet you!!!

****Don't forget the Giveaway ends at 5 tonight****


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Amy, you put on a great party! The dining table is beautiful, and the babies name in flowers was so sweet of your husband to do...the abused ones know how to keep us happy don't they?
What a lucky sister!


noleladybug said...

I'm incredibly blessed to have such an amazing sister! Thank you for such a wonderful shower! It was everything I could have hoped for! And thank you to my sweet brother-in-law for Aidans flowers!! It was so sweet!! My first shower you gave was wonderful, as was this one, I'd almost keep having babies to have parties like this hahaha!!

Baby Games said...

Wow great lovely baby shower. Nice welcoming notes about baby.
Mickey Buarao

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