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Monday, February 21, 2011

I survived ...

I survived the camping trip

and I learned three very
valuable lessons..

#1.  Pretty blankets sometimes are not warm

#2.  If you hang a chandelier in your tent
people around the campsite will talk about you
(but in a good way...I think)


#3.  I am not really a camping kinda girl

The kids had a blast running around...they played,
swam, had a scavenger hunt, feed the horses

And we had a wonderful time hanging out with our friends

But next time
I really need to bring more blankets..
we were FREEZING!

I have to show you the cooker...
this is where our friend cooked
an AMAZING dinner
for everyone Saturday night

This is the view we woke up to every morning...
isn't it just gorgeous

We are so very blessed to have such wonderful friends...
they shared their ranch, their cooking talents,
their blankets (did I mention I was cold)
and they shared their laughter and friendship.
But most of all...they put up with non-camping me

They even helped us put up our tent because
 we were so late getting there to set up camp .....

I just had to stop at Goodwill first
but that's another post...


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Now that is camping! Your tent looks so romatic!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

The chandilier killed me! How perfect!
have a pretty day!

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