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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last week in a nut shell...

Here is last week in a nut shell...
or maybe it was a nut house
I can't be certain!
I've been trying to figure out why
I haven't had time for blogging lately
And then I downloaded all the pictures from my
camera and I realized...it's been crazy around here!

So here goes my last week in pictures...
Saturday:  finished up prep for Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt
Easter Totes, Easter Pins, 50 mini desserts
Little League game
Then went to see Jimmy Buffett in concert
(On the night before Easter...who does that? But it was a blast!)
Sunday:  Hosted Brunch for 32 family and friends
Loved every minute of it!
Monday: cleaned house top to bottom
Tuesday - Wednesday:
painted mirror frames, placed thrift store items
found the week before Easter...prepared for the Royal Wedding!!

Thursday: Little League and spend the night party with
Mom and Sister! 
Friday:  Up at 4 am! 
Tea Party and Scones at 6 am
Just in time to watch the wedding!

Then went flower shopping and found
these beautiful Peony's..
my favorite of all flowers!

Friday night....dinner Al Fresco...seafood pasta

Saturday:  Up at 6 am!  Flea Market at fairgrounds
Another Little League game
Then it's time to put sweet husband to work..
hanging new mirror...pictures and relocating lantern

So here is whats new....

Found this Horse Canvas Print at a garage sale
 put on by our Baseball Stadium! 
Completely out of character for me
but I LOVE it! 
Reaction from the household...
boys...really?? horses?? with funny looks on their faces
girls...squeals of giddiness and gushing over the horses 

Sofa table found at Goodwill for $25!  Really had all
intentions of cleaning it up and reselling it...but
now I think I might keep it for awhile (shocked I know)

This gorgeous mirror I found at the flea market...
I do believe it's official now, I have an addiction to mirrors!
The frames are all so beautiful...like works of art...I just
can't help myself!

Found these bottles at the flea market also...
added a starfish and a piece of coral to the tops

Relocated the lantern that Sondra and I found
while in Sea Island.  Had sweet husband move
it from the garden to here...
What do you think of it here?  Is it to much?
Or is it just right?

Last but not least...found this at the garage sale
and hung it in our daughter's room. 
Added some moss and a few of her fairy's and
it makes a sweet little fairy garden!

Now it's Sunday and i'm exhausted!
But I think i'll go and catch up on
every one's blogs that i've missed this
last week....who knows what
inspirations i'll discover for
next weeks redecorating escapades!

P.S.....For those of you keeping count
I was able to fit ANOTHER piece of furniture
into the living room...but that's it....I SWEAR!


Sherry said...

Wow! I love your tea for the wedding. I love your living room. I also love fairy garden! i passed on a little gazebo style container like this a few weeks ago at The Salvation Army for $1 and I am wanting it now! Thanks for linking this up!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Your home is so pretty Amy, and you find The Best things! I love the lantern in the living room and the little fairy garden in your daughters room is very cool! We can't wait to get ours started.

Karen said...

I like the lantern in the living room. I am so excited to see you are a parrothead! We are huge Jimmy fans at our house, since college, and now our grandkids are parrotheads, too. I know! How old is that! You are still making me smile every time I stop by- Thank you!

Kathy said...

I truly understand the mirror condition and there is no help for it. Even though I may have one - ok maybe 2 on most walls, ok, ok every wall. I will not break the decorating code of ethics and allow them to reflect in each other.
I admire your hunting skills. your blog is wonderful.
Keep the Horses
Blessed, Kathy

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