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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Playing Halloween dress-up

If you've hung around me long enough
then you know how much I love
to dress up on Halloween!

I will admit I am one of those mother's
at the school Halloween parade
in full costume!  Because really....
if you can't have fun with the kids on Halloween
then what good is Halloween?

 This was last years costume...Scarlett
from Gone With The Wind!
I have the best sister in law in the world...
all I do is tell her who I want to be and
she whips it right up for me! 
 She even made my hat. 
Amazing Job don't you think

The year before that I was
Holly Golightly from
the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's

The thing I love best about dressing up
is that the kids are learning
and they don't even realize it...
one year I dressed as Jackie Kennedy..right down to
an authentic Vote for Kennedy button that the kids
and I found on ebay...they learned a lot of history that year!

And the year of Scarlett we researched
 the time period and the war..
with Audrey we focused on her life
and her charitable work with UNICEF

Now this year is already in the works...and i'm keeping it a secret
but let's just say it has something to do with literature!
The kids are wanting to be a Jedi and a Spider Princess
respectively...think I can work those into a lesson???
By the way...just what is a Spider Princess??

Here's a peek at the front porch decorations i've
been working on this week! 
Come back tomorrow for the revel..
this year!

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Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I am so impressed with your costumes...you look fabulous!

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