"Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity"


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally...my own craft room!

It took one very long Saturday,
a pickup truck load to goodwill,
and a few things pawned off to relatives.....
but now I finally have
my own craft space


The top of the table is from my parent's old dresser. 
It needs to be a little bit wider to fit the sawhorse legs,
but I like it...and it's very sturdy.

This is our garage and it is kinda hot.
So, i'm on the hunt for a vintage fan!

My Pottery Barn splurge...just couldn't help myself.
It's so awesome!

Eventually I would like to raise the top up
and find barstools to fit. 

Hope you all are having a
wonderful  November!


Irma@CosasBellas said...

Hi there!
I found your blog through Bella Treasures, and I am very impressed. You are very talented and
have a lot of great ideas and eye candy to offer. I am now your newest follower and can't wait to see future posts!

Warm Hug from the OC!

Room to Inspire said...

Your room is amazing! I love all of the fabulous details...I am feeling inspired just by looking at the lovely photos!


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