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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mantel Mania

As i'm reading up on some of my favorite blogs today
i'm noticing that everyone is talking about their mantels.

I'm thinking...
everyone must be on the
 same page today 
and I missed the memo   

Then I realized its because there's a


going on in Blog land

and you don't want to miss it!!

and since I certainly don't want to miss the party...
here's our mantel

There are two things that I
don't change at Christmas
One is our family tree
the other is the mantle
beyond that everything else is far game

The mantel stays the same because two years ago
we had the kids write this in their own handwriting
on a big sheet of plywood
and it means so much to us.
Plus lets be honest...
it's huge and won't fit anywhere else.

Shabby Chic Stocking Holders
from Target

Perhaps that tree on the right has been hitting the eggnog
It looks like it's leaning a little
maybe I should fix that.

The mantel I try to keep very neutral and simple to
balance out all the color from the nutcrackers.
But I think it needs one
of those mantel scarfs
 (is that what you call them??)
like The Lettered Cottage has on hers...
I'm completely in LOVE with it.
looks like i'll be hitting the fabric store tomorrow

Keep you posted

Please go visit
and check out all the inspiring mantels!!


Judy said...

I bought one of those bow making things several years ago and was actually going to buy one the other day to make my own bows but when I found these 1/2 price at HL, I decided to take the easy way out!

Thanks for sharing your holiday mantle. I love your kids plywood "card", you will always treasure it.


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

What a neat mantel! I love the artwork by your children! Really pretty stocking holders too!

Sherry said...

You have a very pretty mantel! I love the handwritten phrase by your children. Such a neat focal point! It really fits with the columns and candles. Love the Home Alone music, it came out 20 years ago this week. You know how I know that my husband and I went on a blind date 20 years ago today and went to Home Alone! :)

michiganhome said...

Hi, came over from Layla's... sooo many mantels to choose from and yours caught my eye; it's so distinctive and lovely. I really love that song you had your kids write on the board, how beautiful. Merry Christmas!

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