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Monday, August 1, 2011

Woodland Home

This website came across my aol the
other day....and in case any of you
missed it I wanted to share.. 

This man, his family and friends
 build low impact woodland homes.
His website states they are
"built with maximum regard for the
environment and by reciprocation gives us
a unique opportunity to live close to nature"

Now of course my first thought was...
HOW COOL...it looks like one of the fairy
houses came to life!

Followed closely by...oh lord what happens
if it catches on fire...that's alot of straw and branches!

But WOW...what a really neat house!

The inside lights even glow like fairy lights...

 It's almost like the house is looking at you...

The infrastructure looks like a piece of art...

Hope you enjoyed the pictures...
I think this would make a really awesome
guest house...
if you had the time, money and land!

Go HERE to view the website

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