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Monday, January 2, 2012

One thing every day

New Years Resolutions....
I usually end up breaking them by the 7th day
it's not that I don't try I really do...but sometimes they
just seem to be such a big task that I just can't seem to
rise to the challenge!

So this year I have decided to make a resolution
that isn't hard and is nothing but a pleasure to fulfil

I will do one thing every day that makes me happy!

Whether it be nothing more than putting a little extra
creamer in my coffee...just one moment to savor
and be happy! I think I can handle this....

Today I came across a note that
my Granny had written to sweet husband and I
over 12 years ago...every time I come across it I smile.

So I thought...why not frame it and hang it up so that
it makes me smile everyday?

Ten minutes later...I couldn't be happier if I had won the lottery!

My Granny was an amazing person! 
She was so giving yet she couldn't be taken advantage of
She was talented but she was very humble
She could speak her mind and give you advice
without you feeling like she was preaching to you

She taught me to trust in myself and love everyone...
to have enough confidence to speak my mind
because I matter just as much as the next person

So when I see this note it makes me happy...
just like her to say this...

"No matter what road life takes you on
you can never say I don't have a dime to my name"

While she may have mixed a little
humour in her message with the dime...
I do laugh when I read it but i'm also very thankful

Because it's a reminder that no matter how little or much you may have...
you should always be grateful for what the good lord has blessed you with.
Even if it's no more than a dime!

I hope you all find time to do one thing
every day that makes you happy....


Jenny said...

How very sweet! I love this. My husband is an amazing letter writer. He also keeps every letter he gets from someone he loves. When his grandmother passed away he had written letters to her for almost 40 yrs & had kept almost all of the ones she'd sent to him. (He had boxes of them when we married!)

This would be a great gift to him - to frame one of her letters! Thanks for the idea.

Ana said...

What an awesome resolution...I love it! And what a great idea to frame your Granny's note so that you may see it everyday. Very sweet post. Wishing you a very blessed New Year.

Hugs and Kisses,

amybreckenridge said...

i love that you framed your granny's note. i lost my grammy almost 2 years ago and i like to remember her by keeping some of her favorite trinkets and knick-knacks displayed around my apartment. i keep something small in each room so i can think of her wherever i am. :)


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