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Friday, January 6, 2012

White New Year...

One of the things I want to accomplish in
the house this year is to return to the crisp whites...
things have been getting a little dark around here lately.
I don't want to turn everything into white...because
I just love the contrast of white against dark...but
somethings need to be lightened up

So of course I start with the one that freaks me
out the most to paint....the table we eat at!

Did you notice the shelves are missing?
I got it in my head that we needed
another chalkboard....
Anyways...I think it's a nice change
but I may go back to the shelves soon.
Which do you like better?

Shelves (click to see)

I like the clean look of the white table...it's going to
take some getting use to...plus I think the more
it weathers the more i'll like it.

And if you were wondering...
this is what I did today that made me happy
I pretty drink and snack set up for a little break!

Happy Friday!


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I love the new chalkboard. Doing something to make yourself happy everyday is a wonderful thing to do...the snack set up is perfect. Happy 2012 Amy!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

You can never have too many chalkboards!! Your table looks great, especially those yummy croissants :)
I have been thinking about painting my table white....we will see. Too many projects, too little time!

Maggie @ SweetwaterBaby said...

SUCH a beautiful room!

deborah said...

I love the french press coffee in the one of the last pics. And, of course, chalkboards are always awesome! Beautiful post!


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