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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hydrangea Happiness

Did you do something today that made you happy?
Well I certainly hope so!!!

 My daughter and I stayed inside and watched movies together..
and then when sweet husband came home from work
we all went out to find a thrift store that I find on
this really cool website my girlfriend Ann found....

you just enter your zip code and state and it gives you
thrift stores in your area!
Now I consider myself to be up on all the local thrift stores...
however...there was a new one I passed every day and I
had no idea it was there!

So we went on the hunt!
And I found this really cute silver trophy bowl...
for only $3.00!

After that we went grocery shopping
now normally that's a big chore..
but I needed a few things from Whole Foods...
their fresh flower area!
So I treated myself to these beautiful
Vintage Blue Hydrangeas...
and wouldn't you know they fit perfectly in
the new silver bowl!

It's made me completely
heart skipping a beat happy...
not sure if it's because I had a great day with my 
family, or I found a great find, maybe it's the beautiful flowers,
or the fact that just looking at them reminds me of
my good friend Ann who started this whole adventure
because she took a moment out of her day to
think of me and sent the website to me....
and I in turn ended up buying her favorite flower
purely by accident and it fit into the bowl I found
because of her.....

I guess what i'm trying to say here is....
when you do something or say something
you may never fully grasp the
effect you may have on someone....
good or bad....
but if your words are kind...
....your intentions true....
and you do it with love in your heart...
odds are good that you
will make someone else
         heart skipping a beat happy!        

I truly hope you did something today that made you happy
and that you only had kind words for those around you!
While it might not always be easy...don't we really owe it
to those around us...and especially to ourselves!

Thanks Ann for thinking of me today...
it made a difference in my day!

1 comment:

Lisa Scibilia said...

What a great post! You writing it has made a difference in my day....so the ripple affect your friend Ann started continues on :)
Love your new trophy bowl and the pretty hydrangeas!

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