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Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's better to have tried and failed...

Now I'm not saying I failed...but I certainly didn't succeed.

It started off as a pretty simple project.....take off the current fabric, paint the frame and reattach new fabric, no problem...right?

YEAH WHATEVER....two trips to Joann's and a glass of wine to calm my temper and I have somewhat put it back together.

Thank goodness Burlap is inexpensive.... This picture really doesn't do the fabric justice, it's actually very pretty on the chair...if only I could have got the nail head trim in correctly...but really towards the end I admit I was so frustrated I was beating them with a hammer...not a pretty sight.
But for now it's done...just don't look too closely or god forbid sit on it!
I will redo it one day after the meds kick in...Just Kidding
Tomorrow I promise to show you the potting table my sweet husband made for me today. Really, honestly there are no words that strike fear in his heart quite
like....hey honey I have an idea.
Talk to you all tomorrow!

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