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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Refeathering the nest

Summer is coming to an end soon and I've been getting the urge
to put away the seashells and beach things and move towards the fall.
Now, since even I know that it's too soon to decorate for fall
(although no one said anything about Christmas...Just Kidding...Kinda)
I decided it was time to bring out warmer colors in my accessories.
So out came the eggs, nests, moss and different lamps.
I've been wanting to make these moss urns for a while now.
So glad I finally got around to it.

Now that I'm done refeathering....I need to relax!

My favorite magazine of all time is Victoria,
the ones from when Nancy Lindemeyer was the editor in chief.
While I am so happy that Phyllis Hoffman brought the magazine back and she
does a fine job, nothing can compare to the beauty of the older issues. I could get lost in their pages for hours on end. So imagine my delight today when I saw this on the stands....

It is a look back at some of the rooms in those first issues. So if you are looking for me this evening you know where to find me. Curled up with my new/old Victoria Magazine savoring each and every picture.

1 comment:

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Love the nesting, so sweet. I really like the quote on your chalkboard, I need to get one up on mine. Enjoy your me time tonight.

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