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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Did you all have a wonderful Mother's Day? I hope so....I sure did.

Look what my Mother found in Georgia and brought back for me....Isn't it AWESOME! And she got a great deal on it....only $9.00 can you believe it. But....I also have to give my Dad a BIG thank you for my new pineapple....because apparently hauling it between Alabama and Georgia contributed to the dying of the cars transmission...OPPS....sorry Dad! Did I mention I can't even lift the pineapple to take it outside for a photo shoot....it's that heavy.

The things our parents will do for us.....even when we are older....Thanks Mom and Dad I love it!

Mom also found a bird nest on the ground that had been abandoned (don't panic she didn't steal some little bird's nest) and she brought that back for me too! What a good mom! Those are not eggs by the way they are seed pods, you can hear the seeds inside....does anyone have any clue as to what tree they are from? I have no idea and neither did the lady I bought them from.

My sweet son was patient enough to go with me to pick out flowers....I love Peonies!

My daughter spent the whole week interviewing me on my favorite things. She would keep a list of questions and my answers. Then when it came time to shop for Mother's Day she instructed her Dad on what I would like (don't you just love her). One of the stores she picked was the seashell store and this is what she choose.

Another picture of the Peonies

Have a wonderful Tuesday! I'm off to find the perfect spots for all my new very thoughtful Mother's Day presents!


bjh72may said...

Finding the pineapple was a double reward.. First your appreciation and second (and best) was the look on your Dad's face when I told him we were hauling back a concrete pineapple in the truck of the car to Florida...Priceless memories....Mom

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

OMG...that is the biggest pineapple I have ever seen!! Its fabulous, what sweet parents!! please share where you will put it.

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