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Sunday, May 23, 2010

My garden will probable never look like this....

If you've seen the movie It's Complicated then you, like me have Garden Envy.
I have been dreaming about her garden in the movie for weeks now. So this weekend we decided (and by we I really mean me) to start a Vegetable and Herb Garden.
And since we decided to no longer have a lawn service the first order of business was to buy a new lawn mower. Lately, I've really been trying to go "Green" every chance I can. So we bought a lawn mower that you just push, no motor NOTHING but blades!
For lack of a better name I just call it our old-fashioned lawn mower. And it might just do me in! It was fun for the front yard, but my sweet husband had to do the back yard. All the work aside I am really happy we bought it. I even edged the driveway and beds with a shovel, no weed wackier. And I swept the driveway.....gasp.....no blower.
Needless to say I did not need to get on the elliptical!Her potting table in the movie. LOVE the basket and wooden crates!
If you haven't seen this movie....run out right now and buy it.
Not only is it a great movie but the set design is phenomenal.

Would you look at this.....I have hopes of grandeur in my garden....but I really need to think smaller and be happy!

Lots of tomatoes....YUMMY

Our garden is still in the works, it'll take a couple of weeks and then I promise to show you pictures. We built one raised bed this weekend and cleared the tomato patch. My daughter and I planted the herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, okra and melon. Next week we will build the other bed and plant the lettuce and carrots.

The question is, when we finally get to harvest the vegetables
will I have enough energy left to eat them?????

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Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I love that movie too! I saw it at the movies with my mom and I just rented it and watched it again with my hubby. The house, gardens, the food, everything is fabulous!! I used the picture of her potting table for my potting table inspiration. Speaking of, Im off to put the second coat of paint on my rustic table we put together. I'm at that stage where I still don't know if it will turn out the way I planned it to.

I love doing some good old fashioned hard work outside, your lawn mower sounds like fun! Our yard is small so it would be perfect for us.

Have a great week!

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