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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fairy Furniture

I'm off my meds again....just kidding!
Although after you see what I've spent the last two days doing
 you all might think I need to take some sort of medication.

But the kids and I are having so much fun collecting materials and making things.
They had so much fun last night I let them stay up WAY past their bedtimes.

We've been making Fairy Furniture for the Fairy Garden. 
This is the bed we made with found sticks, twine,
an old hard book cover, hot glue and
fake fall leaves that we used to make a "quilt" to go on the bed.

The nightstands we made with big old buttons and thimbles.
The donuts and pink lemonade are just perfect for a late night fairy snack.

And this is the potting table we made.
I still need to glue all the little things on so they don't go missing.
Fairies can be very mischievous!

The little stool out of buttons was my daughter's idea and own creation.
Actually, all the credit belongs to my children....
Cause the other day when I was shopping for fairy furniture
they asked me why I was going to buy it because fairies
make stuff out of what they find.

Those kids are just to smart for me!

p.s...the music that's playing (Loreena Mckennit - The Mummers' Dance) 
this is what I think the fairies like to dance to at night....


Barbara said...

Music and fairies are your and their Irish heritage from the maternal side..Beautiful...

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

So adorable, your kids are very smart to want to create their own furniture. I am amazed at how it all turned out, every detail is fantastic! I think the fairies dance to this music too...

Mabel said...

Simply amazing. What a wonderful idea, what a creative project for the kids, what fun : )

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