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Monday, January 17, 2011

15 Fascinating Things....

I feel very honored to have been tagged to share
15 fascinating things about myself
by one of my very favorite bloggers

Sixty-Fifth Avenue

she never fails to inspire me with her beautiful home and projects
And she always has a kind word to share
with me on the things I do.
I honestly never realized when I started blogging that I would
get an opportunity to meet so many
wonderful, smart, kind and creative
women and men. 

Okay now on to the 15 fascinating things you might
not know about me...and I use the word fascinating very loosely
...cause i'm not sure just how
fascinating you might find them....but here it goes

No. 1
The house we live in is a rental, I know can you believe it...all the things I do to this poor house and it's not even ours! But we love the area and the home and hope that one day the landlord will want to sell it 
No. 2
Sweet husband and I meet when we were 18.We married 3 years after that and this year we will celebrate our 13 year Anniversary
No. 3
My love of white comes from these beautiful white curtains that my Aunt had in her home when I was growing up, they were so pretty blowing in the breeze and the fresh clean smell from the curtains and the breeze left such a memory.
No. 4
I do believe I could be a full blown hypochondriac if sweet husband would allow it.
One day I WILL have a Tea Room. I figure if I say it enough than it will come true
I am horrible at returning phone calls.
No. 7
I have lived in the following places: Atlanta, Georgia; Jacksonville, Florida; Savannah, Georgia;
Ocala, Florida; West Palm Beach, Florida and Charleston, South Carolina. 
No. 8
I stunk at school. 
No. 9
I almost never have a plan when I start to make something...a vision yes...how to do it not so much! 
No. 10
Growing up I loved to play name that song on the radio with my Dad.  I still love games that involve naming the lyrics, song or artist. 
No. 11
Which I guess is why I always have music on.  I didn't realize that until a friend pointed it out to me one day when I didn't have it on, she wondered why!  If i'm decorating I usually have on Yo-Yo-Ma, Dinner time is most likely Chris Botti or Michael Buble, Cleaning is anything country.  Any other time you can bet it's Jimmy Buffett...because I am a Parrothead!
No. 12
My ideal home would be an old southern plantation on lots of acres with animals and an orchard.
No. 13
Husband and I once camped out overnight to buy tickets for a George Strait concert.  That was almost 15 years ago.  This month I will get the opportunity to see him in concert again...AND I AM SO EXCITED!
No. 14
My favorite show of all time is Designing Women
No. 15
I most certainly do not have a Green Thumb! 

If you made it this far...i'm really impressed. 
I guess I should add a No. 16...I talk to much!

Since i've already bent your ear too much as it is
I'm going to share with you who I am tagging on my next post
But here's a hint

1 comment:

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I love reading everyday things about the blog writer! I think its funny that you have different music for different tasks...I do the same thing!

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