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Friday, January 7, 2011

Letting Go and Getting Organized

I did it!!!!!!
I still can't believe how much
I purged out of my closet.

Even sweet husband when he came home
said to me....are you sure you want to
get rid of ALL of this?
I told him
 I do...but don't ask me again I don't
know how long I can stay strong.

Over half my closet...GONE!
And you know what
I feel so good about it.

So good in fact
 i'm willing to show you all the inside of
my closet before and afters
and tell you how I did it.


(and I finally painted the drawers)



I can't even believe i'm showing you this before picture...
YIKES...this is the bottom of my closet floor

Those are wine racks that i'm using as shoe racks
Hey it works...and I already had them so it was kinda free.

All accessories, belts and hats now neatly put away

If I can let go of things and get organized in my closet
than you can to and trust me when I say it goes against
every fiber of my being to let go of something
cause you never know when you might need it.

But here is how I did it....

First off I got really mad....mad that I couldn't find things,
mad that I couldn't even walk into the closet
and super mad that the closet didn't look cute and clean

Next I worked under this one thought


Anything that was ripped, stained, faded or way
past it prime was immediately placed in the donation pile

Same for the articles of clothing that never fit right
or I was keeping for the day that I lost those extra pounds
 (and while this was hard letting go of that dream I figure when I do lose them I deserve new clothes)

Purses that I never use, belts that I no longer wear,
shoes that are uncomfortable, things I was keeping
 because I felt guilty getting rid of. Out they all went

Then I sorted everything left, organized by color
and placed everything on the same
 color hangers for visual simplicity.

I can't begin to tell you how less stressful it was
 getting dressed this morning
...it was almost like stepping into a little boutique.

Sometimes less really is more!

Happy Organizing


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I have closet envy! You did an awesome job, it is now a pretty closet! You should see how small mine is.

noleladybug said...

When can you come do mine :)

Linda said...

This is really inspiring! I like to do this once in awhile, too...your closet looks wonderful!

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