"Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity"


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Searching for simplicity in the closet

I'm still on a mission to simplify my home
and today lord help me
i'm going to work on
my closet.

i've been reading this book
about how to find your inner
french girl
(thanks Patti for the birthday present)
and she says that french girls
only have in their closets
clothes that fit and flatter
(none of that...well one day I can fit into this garbage)
and while they may only have 1 great black dress
they can change it up with lots of different looks.

This is going to be difficult...I have a hard time parting with things

Alright now on to a little inspiration that will hopefully motivate me and who knows maybe you too!

This is my dream closet...
i've had this picture in my favorite pile forever
maybe it's the all white cabinets or
 maybe the purse that I covet in the corner
one day so help me i'll have one
(probably a knock off version...but oh well)
But it's my favorite design of a closet!

Love the double islands and of course the chandelier


Double chandeliers....can't go wrong there.
And I LOVE the coat hanging on the left...
yes I live in HOT South Florida...
but I have a coat addiction.


This is a picture of Mariah Carey's closet...
while i'm not a big fan of hers...I am a big
fan of her closet and design style....
way to go Mariah that's quite
an impressive collection of shoes!
Does this qualify as simplicity or excess??
Nevermind...who cares...
I will never have this problem i'm not a rockstar

I'm going to keep this picture in mind as I go through the closet....
everyone wish me luck.

I'll show you pictures when i'm done...not that mine is anywhere
near as big as the pictures i've shown...
think size of a hall closet big!

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