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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Before and After

Yesterday I woke up and heard the thrift stores calling my name!!!!

You know what I mean....

it's a feeling.....

because you know there is something good waiting for you to come and buy it!

First stop the AmVets Thrift.
It's my favorite...I always find good stuff and the staff is very friendly.
Plus they haven't lost their minds when it comes to pricing items.
Unlike our local Goodwills....they mark things higher than the antique stores

Anyways back to the good stuff....
This is what I found at AmVets

Four glass light globe things, 3 little metal chairs for the fairy garden (aren't they sooo cute),
a tall candlestick?? and tart tins. 

I have a minor obsession with the little tart tins, I don't use them for baking,
 really I don't use them for anything.  But I am compelled to buy them when I see them. 
If anyone has a great idea on what to do with them let me know.  
I'll show you my collection, mind you I'm gonna hear about it when husband sees this picture. 
 He's never seen how many I actually have... 

It's not that bad....right???

With the candlestick thing I painted it white and will use it as a pedestal. 
 Or maybe in my daughters room to display her hat(s) on. 
 Which maybe that is what this is and not a candlestick......

Now with the glass light covers I did two things!
Because I have a very smart and creative girlfriend
(go to her blog for lots of great ideas....Bella Treasures)

She taught me how to make cloches out of them.....Smart Girl!!
Just take an old door handle or cabinet handle and glue it on!
(I still have to cut the screw off of this one and glue it down)

With the other two I took silver candlestick holders that I already had and made these...

This idea has been going around blog land lately. 
And every time I see them I just love them. 
The ones i've seen have been with glass candlesticks, but I didn't have any so I just used silver.
Maybe i'll put little pumpkins in them.
It required the use of a pickup truck
a lot of muscle strength
and a tiny amount of grumbling from my husband
the coolest thing I found while thrifting yesterday..........

The missing piece for the redo of our son's bedroom.
Okay maybe not missing,
 because I had found a smaller one that had lots
of little lockers and needed to be redone. 
 But this one is better
 (at least that's the way the pleading went on the phone when I called him from the thrift store)

Yes I realize it's blocking a window right now and YES that is a no no in my book.
But I was too tired last night to rearrange everything and figure out how in the world this massive thing is going to fit in his room.  And he was so excited about it and couldn't wait to fill it up. 
So that will have to be a project for another day.


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

The lockers are awesome! Good thing you listend to your calling to go thrifting. And I can't belive the little chairs, so cute! I really need to go thrifting.
Did you decide to paint that old dresser?
Have a great day!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

What a GREAT day of thrifting! You got great great things!
I love your collection!
I need to go thrifting asap! I agree, the Goodwill near me is outrageous with thier prices!
Have a pretty day!

Anonymous said...

I pick up those glass lamp things for the same reason!! I can't tell you how many cloches I have now and can't seem to stop making them!

Great find with the locker too!!

I love all your little tins. I have seen sweet craft rooms that fill them with pretties- could be a cute way to organize a junk drawer too using these little cuties!


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