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Friday, September 10, 2010

Table Runner

A while back I saw this really awesome table runner at
Pottery Barn

But it was a bit out of my budget.

So I was "inspired" to create my own
(if inspired means completely copy theirs)

For the tassels I just unraveled the edges of the burlap until I had enough string like pieces.

Once I cut them all to the same length I just folded it in half,
 took another piece of string and tied it in the middle to secure.

Then I just took a very long piece of the string and wrapped it over and over around the top to form a ball.

Hemmed the sides and stitched on the tassels. 

Although now looking at these pictures
I think I need to trim the tassels.
PB's are a bit more dainty.

Nothing a pair of scissors can't fix!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend


bellatreasures said...

I love it !! It came out beautiful. I bet for a fraction of the price. Tassels are cute too.

Room to Inspire said...

Love it - I might have to snag this idea! Have a great weekend.


thewhitechair said...

thanks for stopping by my etsy boutique! I love the silver compote too. I have several and I use one of them to hold loose jewelry on an old dresser. I try to only sell things that I would love to have or use in our home. Your words are always encouraging. blessings

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