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Thursday, September 23, 2010

How many coats of paint does it take?

Well, I finally did it!

After lots of debating and lots of procrastination
I painted the dresser white.

The minute I started painting it I had major guilt. 
But it does fit much better in my house now. 

Not that i'm finished with the painting yet...
this is the FOURTH coat and I still have more to go.

Poor dresser, it didn't want to be painted. 
I thought I could cover it up with a couple of coats of white.

But now it seems I need to bring out the Kilz and then
my white paint.

Aren't these the cutest drawer knobs! 
Have you all seen them on the dollar rack at Michael's?
They have a whole line of stamps, note cards, journals, etc.

For a dollar!!!!! 
I bought all the knobs I could. 
 Except the birdcage one...they didn't have any left.

Does anyone want to guess just how many coats of paint it's going to take to cover this dresser?

I'm going with 6.....maybe 7!

1 comment:

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

The knobs are adorable! I learned the hard way about not priming first. I tried to cover something with 10 coats and the stains still showed through. If you do one coat of primer you will only need one more coat of paint at this point. Good luck!
It looks really cute white by the way.

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