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Sunday, September 5, 2010

You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast...

I hope you all are having a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!!

We are enjoying the weekend on the beach with
Wonderful Friends! 

Things were so crazy last week, it's so nice to get time to relax
 and enjoy great friends, sweet children and beautiful weather.

Yesterday we spent time just blowing bubbles off the balcony
 (while a lovely wedding went on down below)

And as we sat at the pool today we realized that across from us sat a very famous country
music singer with his family. 
He sings one of my favorite songs, it really means a lot to me and it always makes me tear up a little.
We didn't bother him...he should be allowed his own family time. 
But thanks Mr. Adkins for reminding me that..

"these are some good times
 so take a good look around
 you may not know it now
 but you're gonna miss this"

But more importantly...
Thank you Garv and Sondra for such a wonderful time.....
you've created such wonderful memories for all of us.
We love you all!

Happy Labor Day!!!

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