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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beach Bathroom Picture Walls

This project was totally out of my comfort zone!

I have always loved the picture collages
that I see in blogs and magazines....
but I could never bring myself to do one in the house.
It's just so much random-ness in one spot..
 it goes completely against my personality disorder
of having to have everything lined up and symetrical
But I wanted to do one...so I thought perhaps
if I stuck to one color frame, black and white
pictures and a theme for the photos
I might be okay

(some of these pictures aren't the best..
it's hard to take pictures in a small space
I had to stand in the bathtub)

First thing we did was go through mountains of
pictures that we have taken over the years
while at the beach and picked out our favorites
Then we took a quick trip to Ikea and
bought 28 picture frames in two different styles
and two different sizes

After copying the pictures in black and white
and placing them in the frames we mapped
out the wall with pieces of paper cut
to the size of the picture frame
To be honest I was totally going to skip this part..
SOOOO glad I didn't! It made everything
so much easier.

What's that saying?
Go big or go home
So I fiqured if I'm going to do it..
I might as well go big!
So we continued the frames around the bathroom

And we have more room over on this wall
So when I buy more frames we can continue around

It's taken a little getting use to
But now I love the picture walls
I'm so glad that I went out
of my comfort zone and did it!

p.s Daffodils are out...go get some!

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