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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Speak Kindly

Lately the children in this household
have been having a difficult time
speaking kindly to one another.

The punishment was that every time
they said something ugly to the other
they had to deposit .50 cents in
the ugly jar.  However, I realized
that this was very in affective when
my oldest said to me...can I just
deposit $2.00 in there so i'm good
for a few days.

Time to come up with something new!
so while out thrifting I came across
this sweet little mailbox...

Which gave me a great idea....
so I took two of these corn crates

Completely took them apart....
kept the planks that where
in okay shape.....
then I white washed them
After that I went online and found this
lovely quote by Ronald Reagan...

Live Simply
Love Generously
Care Deeply
Speak Kindly
Leave the rest to God

I took the boards
and painted the words onto them

And this is what I did with it all....

This is in the hallway between their bedrooms...
Now when one speaks unkindly to the other
they have to write a note to them.  It must include not only
an apology for what was said...but they also
must write something kind about that person.
And then place it in the mailbox once it's been read...
Let's see at the end of the month just how many
letters have to be "sent"!

It's tough being the mommy sometimes!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...
and for some of you a wonderful Spring Break!!


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I agree, being a mommy is tough...but you are doing great! You are so good Amy, I always love everything you come up with.

bellatreasures said...

That came out beautiful! So creative.

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