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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thyme to Thrift

Sorry I couldn't resist the title...
Friday was a wonderful day!

First stop the produce market
I love the produce market....
and one of my favorite things
to buy is fresh herbs
Mainly because they look pretty
in little white creamers

And it forces me to be creative and use them when I cook.
Because I don't want them to go to waste..

Take a look at all the beautiful fruit and vegetables I found
(yes I do hear french music in my head when i'm at the farmer's
market...doesn't every one???)

The eggplants turned into this....
Eggplant Parmesan made by the kids!
Recipe HERE

After the produce market I went thrifting
and found all of this good stuff

Now if you've been watching our boy Nate
and I know you have....than you know what
 i'm going to do with that ladder!

I never can pass up a cute clock...or a piece
of milk glass...or a shabby frame...or....

Nope i'm not ready to admit that I have a problem!

Happy Thrifting to you all....
and visit the produce/farmers
market this weekend
it's so much fun!

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