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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Eve Cocktail Party

New Years Eve came early at this house...
November to be exact!

Okay...here's the story
My friend Ann is co-chair
of the magazine for
The Junior League of the Palm Beaches.
 For the holiday issue they wanted
to do a New Years Eve Cocktail Party
using the recipes from their two cookbooks,
Worth Tasting and Palm Beach Entertains.

And so she asked me to put together a cocktail party
and photograph it...right up my alley...I had
so much fun doing this.

Now that the issue has come out
I can share with you the pictures...
White Christmas decorations and clocks
were used as table decor

Asparagus Soup served in mini creamers

Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin Medallions
served on Creamy Corn Pudding Cakes

It's always time for dessert and champagne!

and don't forget the eggnog!

or the cherry topped brownies...

New Years Eve Menu

Texas Pepper Pecans
Palm Beach Pear Salad
Cucumber Cups with Cool Cucumber Dip
Creamed Asparagus Soup
Mushroom Puffs
Herbed Crusted Pork Tenderloin served on
Creamy Corn Pudding Cakes
Miniature Cream Cheese Delights
 with Melba Sauce
Chocolate Caramel Brownies
Cold Chocolate Cream

I hope everyone has a wonderful
New Years Eve and New Years Day!

If you are interested in
The Junior League Cookbooks they can be found
HERE for the Worth Tasting Cookbook
HERE for the Palm Beach Entertains Cookbook

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday House Tour

You've all heard me talk about my
girlfriend Sondra.

Well I REALLY wanted you
to see her house decorated for Christmas...
so I begged and pleaded and she let
me take pictures to share with you...
(Just Kidding I really didn't have to beg...she is so sweet)

So here we go....

Here is the front entrance

Front Staircase..
make sure you notice the
ceiling...it's awesome.

The banister is done in garland with lights.
At every swag and the front post is a
small arrangement of poinsettias and gold sprays.
Just perfect...very classic!

Trees flank the mirror on the entry way table...

Burgundy and gold tree at the top of the stairs...
the ornaments on this tree are absolutely stunning!

I love this ornament...it's gorgeous

Now hold on to your socks...
This is the living room tree....

It's incredible!
Yes it's as big as it looks...
and if you can believe this, even more
beautiful in person

Mantle in the living room

Closer look of the garland

This is the mantle in the family room.....
They are HUGE!  And they really give
a presence to this mantle...
just what a mantle this size needs.
And I really love that her son named them...
their names are Silverado and Ford...
don't you just love little boys!

Waterford and Christopher Radko Tree

Beautiful Dragonfly..

This is the tree in the guest suite...
now no one say a word to her
but if this one ever goes missing
there will be no need to check my house
because I didn't do it...nope wasn't me!

If you can't tell this is my favorite tree in
the whole house...

Seriously though...it would be hard to
pick a favorite.  Everyone of the trees
is impeccable!  They are all well thought out
and the ornaments are placed just right.
The colors and themes flow seamlessly
with the style and decor of the home.
Just perfect!

At the very least this starfish is gonna go missing...
 ....just kidding!

Thanks Sondra for sharing all your
beautiful Christmas decorations with us! 

And most importantly thanks for letting me be a part
of Christmas decorating with you and your family!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pinterest Obsessed

They say the first step to recovery is
admitting you have a problem...right?
I think I may need an intervention!
Pinterest is controlling my life....
it's all I do...well except for
cooking the recipes I find on Pinterest
or making the craft I saw on Pinterest..
or.....well you get the idea!

This week alone...my obsession has created

Salt Dough Gift Tags

1/2 cup of salt
1 cup of flour
1/2 cup warm water

Mix ingredients together
Roll out dough
cut into desired shape...make a hole for hanging
stamp with ink
Bake at 250 for 2 hours

While i'm satisfied with the way they turned out
I now want to buy white clay from the craft store
and give that a try also...

Onto the Food...

We made this for dinner....
White Chicken Enchiladas......
one of the best things i've ever made!
Even my picky eater had two plate fulls

And then yesterday I came across this
recipe while Pining

So good....my kids are loving me for this!
You have to try it...it's super easy!

And then thanks to Lisa at
I saw this today....
and now i'm obsessed with
recreating this someway somehow...

From the chalkboard...to the potted plants to the tablecloth
I want it all!!!!

How many coats of chalkboard paint
can I get on the wall before
sweet husband gets home today????

Are you guys as obsessed with pinterest as I am???
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