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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunrise Specials

 I had to get up before the sun
this morning ....
but it was worth it because I found
 a couple of treasures at
the community garage sale

Such as this big silver punch bowl

And this cute little flower frog

But the coolest thing I found....
the thing that really made getting
out of bed worth my wild


Don't laugh at me
I really like them...

I bought them from this very nice
British women....maybe that made
them seem even more special

It's hard to tell from the pictures...but they are HUGE

I love them....and I have the perfect spot for them!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Really into Nude...

Everyone collect your minds from the gutter...
I'm talking about the color Nude!!

It's everywhere lately!
Clothing, Accessories,
Shoes, Decor

 Love it
 Love it
 Love it


It goes so beautifully with white

Country Living Magazine

And it is stunning next to black...

(hint hint on the dress sweet husband and the shoes and the bag..pretty please)
White House Black Market

It even looks beautiful with accents of green or blue
Country Living Magazine

Pottery Barn

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time...
I'm sure you've seen it before. 
But it's gorgeous with the brown,
white and nude colors.

Elle Magazine

No matter what you choose to call it....
Nude, Champagne, Flax, Oatmeal, Blush...

I think it is a beautiful color

Monday, February 21, 2011

I survived ...

I survived the camping trip

and I learned three very
valuable lessons..

#1.  Pretty blankets sometimes are not warm

#2.  If you hang a chandelier in your tent
people around the campsite will talk about you
(but in a good way...I think)


#3.  I am not really a camping kinda girl

The kids had a blast running around...they played,
swam, had a scavenger hunt, feed the horses

And we had a wonderful time hanging out with our friends

But next time
I really need to bring more blankets..
we were FREEZING!

I have to show you the cooker...
this is where our friend cooked
an AMAZING dinner
for everyone Saturday night

This is the view we woke up to every morning...
isn't it just gorgeous

We are so very blessed to have such wonderful friends...
they shared their ranch, their cooking talents,
their blankets (did I mention I was cold)
and they shared their laughter and friendship.
But most of all...they put up with non-camping me

They even helped us put up our tent because
 we were so late getting there to set up camp .....

I just had to stop at Goodwill first
but that's another post...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Copying Pottery Barn...Again..

So they say imitation is the
sincerest form of flattery

I REALLY wanted
this piece of art from
Pottery Barn Kids
for our daughter's room
But as much as I wanted it
I just couldn't fork over
$249....not to
mention Sweet Husband
would have never gone
for that

Here is their version

And here is mine....

I'm so excited....I can't believe
that it turned out so well

While I really liked the pastel blues
 in Pottery Barns version...
I already had darker blues..
so I went with them

And my birds are a bit plumper...
but after the holidays aren't we all...
(Ha Ha)

It adds just the perfect amount
of color to her room!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Camping or Glamping?

Oh Lordy....
what have I gotten myself into?
We are going camping this weekend
out at our friends ranch

Long before the term
"Glamping" became popular
when you mentioned camping
to me I immediately envisioned
Karen Blixen (Meryl Streep)
in the movie
Out of Africa....god bless her
she even brought her tea service
with her!

If you aren't familiar with the word
"Glamping" the urban dictionary defines
it as......Satisfying your craving for the
outdoors around your penchant for a
good meal, a nice glass of wine,
and a comfortable bed!


Perfect....sounds great!
Now the question is how to achieve this


I highly doubt the tent we end up will be anywhere
near the size of this one! 

that girl

Where does one buy this beautiful tent? 
I would use this one again and again...
Maybe I could whip this up in the next 3 days...
Yea Right!
No..No...don't get crazy


Do you think sweet husband would have me
committed if I asked him to bring one of the


And our table....


Plus the chairs?


I bet he could fit it all in the truck!


Better yet....maybe I could get Robert Redford to join me?
He was so handsome in the movie!
I gotta tell you........
I probably stand a better chance of
Robert Redford showing up than
of Sweet Husband letting me
set up camp like any of these pictures!


But you never know....

Wish me luck!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope everyone is having a
Love-ly day....

Our Valentine's started
early at 6:30 am....
with me making Red Velvet Heart Pancakes
(Thank You Kellie at This Blessed Nest for the recipe)

Sweet Husband and I blew up 45 balloons
late last night....
it really looked cute....

until the little devils got ahold of them
 in the morning
and kicked them
and threw them
basically wasted lots of time playing
while they should have been getting
dressed for school

But hey...they still made it on time!

Valentine Roses....such a unique color...I love them!

Valentine's Day is for Indulging a little....
a little chocolate.....a little special dinner...
a little champagne or sparkling juice for the kids.....
and a LOT of  LOVE
for that special Valentine

I hope you all indulged your loved ones a little today!

Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, February 11, 2011


Oh Oh Oh..
how I have always wanted one of these!

(from the Spanish word meaning "saint")
is a traditional New Mexican genre of religious sculpture.
The word "santo" is also used to refer to individual works in this
genre.  Santos are carvings, either in wood or ivory,
 that depict saints,angels, or other religious figures.

I was just breezing through Home Goods
and there she was

Happy Valentine's to me!

I've even made her clothes...
out of vintage trim, coffee filters, vintage buttons,
costume jewelry and an old lamp piece

And I did a little research.....you can find her on
She retails for double what I
paid for her at Home Goods! 
 GOD I love Home Goods.

She is so beautiful and peaceful...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daydream Shopping

We have all been home sick this week
and since i'm still trying to finish the
little girls bedroom
i've been online shopping.....
So much FUN!

i've hit them all...
Pottery Barn
Restoration Hardware
Layla Grace
Bella Cottage
and the list goes on!

I only bought one thing...but it wasn't cheap...
and I did kinda cheat....I didn't want to
pay the shipping and handling so I ran
into PBKids long enough to buy it then I left!

But the reason i'm telling you all of this is....

i've been daydream shopping, you know
going on websites and dreaming that if I had
this much money I would buy this..this and this..

I've completely redone my bedroom in my daydream!

 Isn't it beautiful

My new duvet....yummy

Lovely....to go at the foot of my bed
Oh did I mention this is a daydream so
therefore this will fit in my new expanded
master suite!

Love this wallpaper...I'm going to redo
the nightstand with it!

How cool is this bird chandelier?
It's going to have to go somewhere in the room.

This print will have to be framed...
but isn't it so dreamy for a bedroom.

Now are you ready for this...
all of this stuff is from

I can't believe it...i've been missing all of this
good stuff cause I never think to look there.

Well, daydream or not
I think I need that wire shelf
Really.... Really.... Badly Need It!

Thanks to Tammy at
I now have a new obsession with
Urban Outfitters!

Monday, February 7, 2011


My friend Londen at
is having a Chalkboard

So that got me thinking....
How many chalkboards in one house is too many? 

Simple answer....
you can never have too many chalkboards!

I Love Chalkboards

Old School House Chalkboard on the front porch

Old window painted with chalkboard paint
in my garage/craft area

Wall in my son's room painted with chalkboard paint

Old frame with chalkboard in the middle...
over the kids potty....hey they need a reminder
every now and then

My favorite chalkboard made with an old frame
and I just LOVE this quote from

An old tin tray spray painted with chalkboard paint

Come join the party and get inspired!

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