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Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall Baking

There is just something about the
Fall that makes me want to bake...

While the calender may say the first
day of Fall is September 23rd...
every magazine I pick up is packed full
of Fall fun....so when I received the
Southern Living this week...I couldn't
help myself, I had to make the cake on the cover!

Apple-Cream Cheese Bundt Cake

It is soooo yummy....
it tasted good when it was
first made....great the next day....and
out of this world the day after that.

You can find the recipe

It's a bit of work...but you won't be disappointed!
And it makes the house smell fabulous and fall like

I always hate to waste the apple peels when I am baking...

So I usually make a
Brown Sugar-Apple Simple Syrup with them...

Recipe is

It's great on pancakes, ice cream,
on top of oatmeal,  in ice tea....
it's so good!

And it looks pretty in the jar!

(soon to be)

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lots and Lots of Shutters

There is a bonus to being married to a
contractor....besides the fact that he can
build just about anything I can dream up...
he also brings home really cool stuff!

He's brought home old mantles,
hutches, doors, windows, door knockers,
cabinets...you name it he brings it home,
because he knows how much I hate to see it
go into the landfill!

Well this week he brought home

21 green wooden shutters...

And a whole bag of these beautiful metal brackets..
I don't know why but when I look at them I think
of a barrel full of moneys...you know the game where
you connect the plastic monkeys....which leads me to
thinking they would be really cool all connected together to
form a chain from the roof to the ground...you know like
a rain chain...so when it rains the water trickles down it
instead of a gutter spout....which leads me to the thought
that we really need a rain barrell around here...which leads
me to the thought of I really need to get the garden back in order..
and yes I realize I may have a screw or two loose..
because that whole sequence happened in a matter
of seconds in my mind!

Now...let's see what I can come up with to do with all of them...

stay tuned!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Inspirations and Favorites~Places

Do you have that one place...
a place that speaks to you...
a place you feel most at home...
where you are who you are meant to be?

It might be a room in your home...
a place far far away from your everyday life...
or it may just be a special memory kept safe within your heart.

For me, besides being anywhere my family is...
my favorite place in the whole wide world is
Savannah, Georgia

There is no other place as beautiful to me as Savannah...

I could wonder around and look at the houses forever...
imagining what life would be like to live within those beautiful
walls...all the history and the
stories they could tell if only they could...

The squares and the parks....

And don't even get me started on the marsh...
while I love the ocean....if you gave me all the money in the
world I would still choose to live next to the marsh...
The spanish moss and the oak trees call to me...

When my sister and I where younger we lived
in Savannah for a little while...
and when our parents would take us to school 
we had to cross over the marsh in the mornings...
and there is nothing as beautiful as the sun coming up over the marsh

This picture represents my favorite moment of summer...
while there was lots of great memories from this summer,
this is my favorite....

I was sitting on a bench
listening to the church bells ring and the wind
was blowing ever so gentle...making the moss flutter in the
wind...and it was a moment of total peace...

When the moment passed I took a picture...

You can't help but just love the architecture

The church doors...where the bells I heard came from...

Alright, I guess it's time to tell you my Lady & Son's story...
I've wanted to eat here forever..so I was super excited when
we had the chance...and it was wonderful! 
So I was eating my fried chicken and
we were all talking and I mentioned that while
I loved a certain someones chicken (not talking about Paula)
but someone else...it just didn't have enough spice for me...
but that I would never tell this certain person that...
because I wouldn't want to be banned from
their table for life...
Well our lovely waiter...overhearing me says
"you know I can hear you"
not knowing where he is going with this I say..Okay??
Then he goes into this rant about how they
use a certain amount of spice and if I don't like it....

I immediately turn 10 shades of red and tell him I
was not talking about Paula...
He tells me that he is just looking out for his Momma...
because she protects him and he is gonna protect her!

Now honestly I would NEVER EVER diss my Paula...
she is worshipped around our house...so imagine my
distress at being misunderstood.

 I really don't think he ever believed me
when I said I wasn't talking about Paula, but
you really have to admire the fact that she must be so good
and kind to her employees and family that they stick up for her..
no matter what!

And really I should have followed my momma's advice...

If you don't have anything nice to say...
don't say anything at all!!!

If you ever get the chance to spend even a minute
in Savannah...go...you will never regret it...
there is no other spot on this earth so
beautiful and magical...like time stood still...
you can almost hear the past whisper to you

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ethan Allen - 5 Signature Lifestyles

Goodness only knows how long this commercial has been out...
because I TIVO everything and
fly by the commercials the best I can.
BUT....I came across the Ethan Allen commercial yesterday and
LOVED the rooms they were showing!

Has anyone else seen it?
It is about their line called
 5 Signature Lifestyles

which is really funny to me...
because it makes me wonder
 why do I have to pick just one?

Let's start at the top...

It is the essence of timeless sophistication

I do believe I could sleep the day away under that
fluffy blue blanket....
Can I ring for a breakfast tray in the morning?

Next up we have

(not normally my favorite...but let's see)
The art of the understatement.  An oasis of calm

I am totally into the green grass in the metal planters...
and the chandelier is very cool.  And well you
know I am loving the red wine in the background.
The white painted brick is very fresh looking...
Okay...maybe this modern I can get into

Now onto...

An air of enchanting nostalgia is achieved with layers of
rich textures, curvaceous silhouettes and antiques-inspired accessories

This bed is beautiful...I love the cane.
And of course the maps above are incrediable

Beautiful chairs with the monogram on them...

Hey....I think that chair looks very familiar...
almost like a pillow that resides in this house.
So of course you know I am loving this chair!
And the table...and the painting...and the chandelier..
and the.....

Moving onto

The feeling is relaxed eclecticism

Very neutral....love it!

And last we have...

A visually engaging mix of color and texture.
A masterful display of the art of juxtaposition.

One of my favorite color combos...black and white
I even love the wall paneling...but I think eventually
it would make me crazy....but maybe not.

My other favorite color combos...light brown and white...

A sleigh bed....books on the floor...fluffy white linens..
Why yes thank you....I would love to sleep here!

If you go here on the Ethan Allen website
you can take a quiz that let's you know
what your signature style is
Mine came back as Romance....imagine that

Who says you have to choose just one...
I like them all!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Put down the goldfish and get your life back in order

Can't really pinpoint the exact time when this happened
but sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 pm on the last day of
school before summer all rules, routines and responsibilities went
flying out the classroom window....

Now before I keep on, if any of you would like to
go on pretending that life here at The Pineapple Room
is all rainbows and sunshine....scroll down to the bottom.
For the rest of you who realize that sometimes it's nothing more
than a carefully orchestrated photo shoot and lovely words...
keep reading

The kids and I have been held hostage stuck in this house
for a few weeks now with no car.  The lease was up...
we've been car shopping but with no luck! 
All my fault of course because I only like one
car and they no longer make them...whatever!

Dear Car Manufactures,
When did your cars become not only ugly
but overpriced?

Back to the point....
we've all been trying to entertain ourselves..
my oldest with Lego's...lots and lots of Lego's
strewn everywhere...which I always manage to step on...


  I apparently have been entertaing myself
with a diet full of kid's cuisine...
toaster strudels for breakfast...
grilled cheese for lunch....
Goldfish snacks in between...
Dessert after dinner...

It became clear to me this was a problem
when yesterday (and I can't believe i'm telling you this)....
I sat down and broke the seat to the potty......
apparently all that lovely summer food
 has gone to my hips...stomach and....
well read the above again if you can't figure out the last place.
(now in my defense...the seat was getting old)

THEN.....and this was the last straw
I find my littlest today working on an art project

While yes...it is her being creative with acrylic paint next to the
white slip covered chairs sitting on top of the wool rug...
but seriously....that's the least of  my problems...
take a moment to look at the picture on the right...

I'm no art critic...but I do believe
that is a pink UFO sucking up
what I can only assume is a pig...
all with a little green man inside!

Someone call child services
where has her mother been all summer....
what has this child been watching on T.V???
Wow...nothing like an end of summer wake up call!


So that's it....
time to put the wine and goldfish down.
Get this house in order and get back to
a routine!

The kids start school in 11 days!
And they better take the goldfish bag with them!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Woodland Home

This website came across my aol the
other day....and in case any of you
missed it I wanted to share.. 

This man, his family and friends
 build low impact woodland homes.
His website states they are
"built with maximum regard for the
environment and by reciprocation gives us
a unique opportunity to live close to nature"

Now of course my first thought was...
HOW COOL...it looks like one of the fairy
houses came to life!

Followed closely by...oh lord what happens
if it catches on fire...that's alot of straw and branches!

But WOW...what a really neat house!

The inside lights even glow like fairy lights...

 It's almost like the house is looking at you...

The infrastructure looks like a piece of art...

Hope you enjoyed the pictures...
I think this would make a really awesome
guest house...
if you had the time, money and land!

Go HERE to view the website
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