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Monday, August 27, 2012

All the pretty horses

I don't know when or how
but i've fallen head over heels in
love with Horse Pictures!

I've never even been on a horse...
matter of fact one of my best friends has
a ranch and i'm even slightly afraid
to feed carrots to the horses...
But you put them on a canvas or in a frame
and i'm in LOVE

This is the newest lovely fellow to grace our
home...my girlfriend Sondra spied him
and he had to come home with us!

I just love the neutral colors in the print
...and he looks so serene!

These guys are in our master bedroom...
i'm trying to create a wall of horse pictures.

When we went to Charleston this summer
the girls and I had drinks at
The Thoroughbred Club inside
Charleston Place and they
have this fabulous wall of Horse Art

These are pictures I found online...
not the best but you can see what
i'm talking about..
Great Hotel and Bar by the way
if you're ever in the area!

Here are a few other examples of
using horse art in decoration

I wouldn't mind if this handsome guy
came home with me...



Love this guy in the windowsill...
we actually found one similar in Charleston
he is sitting in my house right now..
but I can't seem to get a good picture.
Maybe one day when we aren't being
pelted by a tropical storm...



And my favorite.....
LOVE this picture by
Heather Bullard
I just love everything
about it!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!

If you are in the line of Tropical Storm Isaac...
please stay safe and be cautious.
We are on day 2 and this storm is
huge and dumping lots of rain!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School Teacher Gift

Well it's the night before the BIG day...

Back To School

Which is similar to a dirty word in our house...
we LOOOOVVVEEE the summer and
hate to see it end!

And this year is a big one!!!
One is starting the 6th grade
I can't even believe i'm saying that
we just started Kindergarten last year...
i'd swear to it!

But i'm not gonna cry,
instead i've wasted time today making
teacher gifts...for the little one anyways..
cause no way in you know what is
it even remotely cool to give a teacher
a gift in the 6th grade....
matter of fact everything is up for the
is it cool discussion lately...

the way we walk....

well you get the idea....
there really hasn't been enough
crafting and/or wine to get me
through the trials of the last couple
of days getting ready for the big day!

But without further delay here's our attempt
at an elementary grade (very important) teacher gift!

While browsing pinterest I saw this and thought it was so cute....

Take a picture frame and place a piece of notebook paper inside...
attach a cute bow.....I like fall colored ribbon even if
it's 100 degrees here in our part of Florida!
Write a cute message with a dry erase marker...
your child's name goes where I placed the star,
sweet husband would FREAK if I posted our
baby's name all over the world wide web!
When you're all done you have a cute, thoughtful,
quick and inexpensive back to school gift!
Don't forget to send the dry erase marker with the gift....

Oh...and cross your fingers they don't smudge
it all off and get it on their clothes on the way to class.
Just to be safe don't dress them in white that day!
Or place it in a pretty bag...which would have
been a good idea...i'm just to tired at this point
black shirts for everyone tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a great day back to school....
and if those days have passed you or if they
haven't happened to you yet...
then I hope you enjoy your peaceful morning!
And please say a pray for us moms dealing
with 6th graders having meltdown over
uncool lunchboxes.....
just kidding....

well kinda

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