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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Decked out for the 4th of July

I love holidays...
and while I would
 be hard pressed
to pick a favorite
there is just something
about the 4th of July
that gets me every time...
maybe cause it's summer
and it's just a relaxing kinda 

 The saying goes that
"Necessity is the mother of all invention"
well in my case
Necessity is the mother of all crafting!

I wanted to spend my money 
on a well made American Flag
and bunting....
so that left very little $$ for 
other things.

But I did have
2 buckets of baseballs.....
an old pallet....
and yards of burlap

A quick search on Pinterest...
and here is what I put together.

Chalkboard with the pledge of allegiance
written on it.

Two painted burlap flags tied onto
a Y shaped piece of driftwood 
Sweet Husband found....

tucked into a garden urn filled
with coral...
I think it turned out right cute! 

old baseballs painted 
red, white and blue

burlap pendant flags
I just painted the burlap
(inspired by Pottery Barn's)

And our favorite project....
A pallet flag!


Sweet husband likes it
so much he wants
it to stay up all year..
And I kinda do too!

Another view of the bunting..

 The mailbox had to have a little something

One more picture of the flag...

I hope everyone is enjoying
their summer...and gearing
up to celebrate the 4th! 

Joining up with....

By Stephanie Lynn

Friday, June 14, 2013

Southern Inspired Front Porch

This summer I plan to 

On the house that is....

First order of business was to
fix up the front porch!

I am a Georgia girl and the place I LOVE
most is Savannah, Georgia
So I wanted my front porch to
have a southern feel and maybe if
I closed my eyes for just a second 
I could pretend I was in Savannah!

We took the previous white and rusted 
cast iron urn along with the pedestals 
that were gray and painted everything
a semi-gloss black. Sat one on
top of the other to make it look 
like one tall piece.

I have been dying to paint the porch
ceiling in a haint blue color.
Now I will admit that when 
sweet husband painted the first
section I had a few moments (hour)
of oh no what have we done...
but I stuck with my gut and 
we went for it...and I LOVE IT.
Only after it was done did
sweet husband admit that
even he was doubting it 
till it was finished....
what a good guy....
painting and letting me
have my way without saying a word!

Sweet husband's job comes with a few perks
one of which is he occasionally comes
across architectural salvage!
He made a porch "railing" out
of window gates. 

You can see the garden statue 
through the gates as you come 
up the walk

A better view of the blue ceiling

For those of you who aren't familiar
with a Haint Blue ceiling... it is a common
practice in the south to paint your porch
ceiling a blue color.

Way back when they use to believe that
it would keep the evil spirts away 
and from entering your home.

Another theory is that it keeps the bugs
away because they will think it's the sky
and move along.

One of my favorite descriptions of a 
"haint" blue ceiling is because
it "haint" blue and it "haint" green!

Anyway you choose to view it 
I love it.....and strangely enough
since we did it we have had less
bugs at our front door!

 We finally painted the old white screen door 
to match the front door.
Now why in the world I haven't done
this sooner is beyond me...cause
it has made a HUGE difference!

View looking in

I found this awesome foam relief of 3 angels
at one of our local thrift stores....it is
perfect for outside 

The aluminum scrolls I had picked
up awhile ago at our Habitat for Humanity
thrift store....I only paid $3 or $4 dollars a piece
for them. They have been sitting in the garage for 
almost a year now because I had no idea
what to even due with them.
Then as sweet husband was painting the
ceiling I thought...well DUH I could
use them to hold the lanterns!
And that progressed into using
the remaining ones as corbels 
in the corners!

Much to my son's dismay I dug this bamboo
rug out of my neighbors trash...
what can I say I needed a rug...
it was the right price and I didn't
want to get cleaned up and dressed 
to run to the store!
Nothing a little Murphy's Oil Soap 
and a beeswax polish couldn't clean up!
Now it's perfect again...
and he will actually step on it 
now cause it's been cleaned! 

Now i'm on to the back porch...
wish me luck...it's a BIG job!

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Green Pillow from


Front Door Paint

Dark as night

Ceiling Paint

Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue
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