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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Plate Rack Project and more about those silly angel wings!

I am embarrassed to even say this out loud...
it's been 3 months since i've even typed
my own blog address into the computer!

Do you ever just need a break?
Time to renew your creative juices?
Well that was us over the holidays!

But....the first of this month I saw 
a project that just had to be done!

I needed....had to have...
wanted very, very badly
a plate rack wall in the kitchen.

So like a good, sweet husband 
off to Home Depot he went!

Somebody has a platter hording problem..
not naming names or anything!

Even I have to admit that the massive size 
of the finished project took me by surprise

And since we only rent this house the rack
needed to be removable so that we could
remove it if the owner's didn't want it to stay.

Sweet husband built it as one large piece and 
then attached it to the wall with minimal holes
in the drywall. You should have seen all
of us...kids included trying to hold this 
thing up while he attached it to the wall.

The little bar/appetizer area in the corner

This is the view from the kitchen looking into 
the dining area.

Okay...now I need your help
Since we opened up space in
the dining area by putting in the
plate rack...I felt that the round
table in there was now to small.

So I brought in the table we kept
on the porch and replaced the round one.

But we can't decide which one looks best... 

What's your opinion????

This one is more oval and farmhouse style,
where as the other one is round with a pedestal.  


On another note....
does anyone remember when I made
the angel wings out of cardboard...
way back when?

Well for heaven's sake who knew
they'd be so popular...both here
and on Pinterest of all things.

So since i've been getting a few questions about them
I just want everyone to know that I am working on 
a post with a full tutorial on how to make your own.

In the meantime here is a sneak peek at
something similar that we made over the 

This guy was one of 10...I will tell you all
about my little flock in another post!

Lots of things have happened around
here so stay tuned!
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