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Monday, October 31, 2011

Scenes from our Halloween House!

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Hope you can all forgive my lack of postings this month!
We are working on changing over
 our internet, phone and cable services...
and this is taking much more time than I thought it would.
Right now I am perched on a wooden chair at our
Starbucks...being grateful for their free internet service

So, since today is Halloween I wanted to
show you our Halloween House that the kids
 and I decorated this month.....

Remember our theme this year was
Edgar Allen Poe's poem
The Raven

This is the mantle...
I took an old book and double sided taped the pages
to the front of the mantle and then ripped the bottoms off

I think it turned our really spooky and deserted looking

Our specimen and potion cabinets

Raven feather quills...to write another spooky poem with
in case Edgar Allen Poe's ghost decides to visit us one dark night

A raven guarding it's eggs...

And of course we did our shadow tree again this year.
Somehow it grew out of control this year...I just kept
adding branches and a lantern that lights up at night

Hope you all have a wonderfully safe and spooky
Halloween Night!

And p.s..
Thank you to my little sister
for her guest hijack post!
She did a great job and I appreciate
her taking the time to put it together
while our internet is/was down
And yes the passwords have been changed....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Hijack

The Pineappleroom has been hijacked by her much younger sister! We are all fans of Amy's lovely creativity! I was proud of her attempt at a spooky porch this year for Halloween. However, you see in this family, I am the Queen of Halloween (self proclaimed of course)!

A few years back I realized there was no competing with Amy for Christmas decor so I decided I would excel at Halloween. So I am taking her blog to post some of my own pictures (bare with me I get excited)! Every year my Halloween displays grow a little more (much to my dear husbands dismay at clean up time). Not only do my parents help tremendously but I am also encouraged by our daughter who shares my love of Halloween. When I first started she was only two years old so to make things less scary we began naming our "characters."

"Witchy Poo Poo"

"Boo Boo" Our Skeleton.

This year may be my favorite spot for him so far!!

And our famous "Uncle Frank"

It was cute when our daughter was little and would tell strangers every October how we got Uncle Frank out of his plastic bag in the garage. However, now she is in school and every day I wait patiently for the proper authorities to come to my door and investigate...

My son is new to this this year. He was one week too "late" to enjoy the festivities last year. I'm proud to say he is already showing his excitement for the Holiday. And once I get him to stop eating the decorations he'll be a great helper!!

(Don't worry no real bats were harmed in the making of this post)

I will try to post more pictures after our annual Halloween Party. As soon as I figure out the new passwords since I'm sure Amy will be changing them this weekend!

Happy Halloween Decorating!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Front Porch

We are finally finished decorating the
front porch for Halloween!
The kids wanted to go spooky this year
so we went with a theme....
 Edgar Allan Poe's poem
The Raven

and lots
and lots
and lots
of black birds

Sorry in advance for the picture overload...
but here it goes

I think this picture is spooky cause
it's getting dusky dark outside...this is the view from
inside my front door

This is a vintage 1920's baby carriage
that we found in Sea Island...

It is just so creepy...

Sweet husband and his Dad
made the gate out of scrap aluminum metal...
he modeled it after the one in the Pottery Barn Catalog

Can't wait for the grapevine leaves to turn brown
and add to the creepy effect.

Pretty Bird...

Putting this porch together cost under
$20.00!  Can you believe it...
I shopped the dollar store for the birds
(except the big one in the cage..i've had him for years)
the grey cloths and the rat also came from the dollar store.

My Dad pulled the grapevine out of his trees for me,
and Sweet Husband cut down the dead branches!

Everything else I pulled from the house...
lanterns, columns, birdcage...etc

Now if I could just get that gate to creak when
you open it i'd be all set!
Next post...we'll go inside the house....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Playing Halloween dress-up

If you've hung around me long enough
then you know how much I love
to dress up on Halloween!

I will admit I am one of those mother's
at the school Halloween parade
in full costume!  Because really....
if you can't have fun with the kids on Halloween
then what good is Halloween?

 This was last years costume...Scarlett
from Gone With The Wind!
I have the best sister in law in the world...
all I do is tell her who I want to be and
she whips it right up for me! 
 She even made my hat. 
Amazing Job don't you think

The year before that I was
Holly Golightly from
the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's

The thing I love best about dressing up
is that the kids are learning
and they don't even realize it...
one year I dressed as Jackie Kennedy..right down to
an authentic Vote for Kennedy button that the kids
and I found on ebay...they learned a lot of history that year!

And the year of Scarlett we researched
 the time period and the war..
with Audrey we focused on her life
and her charitable work with UNICEF

Now this year is already in the works...and i'm keeping it a secret
but let's just say it has something to do with literature!
The kids are wanting to be a Jedi and a Spider Princess
respectively...think I can work those into a lesson???
By the way...just what is a Spider Princess??

Here's a peek at the front porch decorations i've
been working on this week! 
Come back tomorrow for the revel..
this year!
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