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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Estate sale treasures..now what to do with them??

So I told you how on Mother's Day
we happened upon an Estate Sale..
Well I found some really cool things!
Now I just need to figure out what
in the world to do with them...
Big jar of old keys....some I will use to make
pendants and stuff with. 
 But that's a lot of keys....

Look how cute this is....

That would be really awesome to do with the keys...
but I would need to find a few more skeleton keys.

We also found 40 glass insulators...
you should have heard sweet husband suck wind
when I asked the lady how much for the whole lot...
it was kinda funny....thank goodness it was
Mother's Day or else he might have told me no

Two people stopped and asked me
what I planned to do with them...
okay folks...i'm not that smart...I have no idea
But I bought them anyways...

Sweet husband suggested making lighting out of them
Sounds good to me....


Love Love Love these....
really need to have a bigger kitchen first though


We also found this old wooden rocker for $5
I think it will look great once it's sanded
& painted or maybe stained dark.
Our next project is fixing up the back porch
so this will fit in just perfectly!

This stuff always comes in handy for something.

Then on our way out I saw this trunk....

It turns out that this trunk belonged to the man who
lived in the house.  He had passed away and his
children were holding the Estate Sale....
sometimes Estate Sales can be sad. 
Anyways...this was his foot trunk from
when he was in the Marine's during
World War II.  It went with him to Iwo Jima.
Isn't that incredible....
I love that I know the story behind this trunk
and that I was able to meet his family.
And I am very honored that they allowed us
to bring it into our home.
We will always cherish it.

"Among the men who fought on
Iwo Jima uncommon valor
was a common virtue"
Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
16th March 1945


Lizzy said...

The lighting project sounds like a great idea for the glass insulators...how about a string of lights around the back porch for some 'mood' lighting? Maybe alternating Blue & Clear? Happy Mommy's Day (belated)!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You really had some great finds! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the insulators!

Bring Pretty Back said...

So funny! Hubby sucked wind!
Mother's day is a wonderful thing!
I am in love with those hanging lights!
And those keys.... cool!
I know you will come up with a fabulous idea for them!
Have a pretty day!

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