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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ethan Allen - 5 Signature Lifestyles

Goodness only knows how long this commercial has been out...
because I TIVO everything and
fly by the commercials the best I can.
BUT....I came across the Ethan Allen commercial yesterday and
LOVED the rooms they were showing!

Has anyone else seen it?
It is about their line called
 5 Signature Lifestyles

which is really funny to me...
because it makes me wonder
 why do I have to pick just one?

Let's start at the top...

It is the essence of timeless sophistication

I do believe I could sleep the day away under that
fluffy blue blanket....
Can I ring for a breakfast tray in the morning?

Next up we have

(not normally my favorite...but let's see)
The art of the understatement.  An oasis of calm

I am totally into the green grass in the metal planters...
and the chandelier is very cool.  And well you
know I am loving the red wine in the background.
The white painted brick is very fresh looking...
Okay...maybe this modern I can get into

Now onto...

An air of enchanting nostalgia is achieved with layers of
rich textures, curvaceous silhouettes and antiques-inspired accessories

This bed is beautiful...I love the cane.
And of course the maps above are incrediable

Beautiful chairs with the monogram on them...

Hey....I think that chair looks very familiar...
almost like a pillow that resides in this house.
So of course you know I am loving this chair!
And the table...and the painting...and the chandelier..
and the.....

Moving onto

The feeling is relaxed eclecticism

Very neutral....love it!

And last we have...

A visually engaging mix of color and texture.
A masterful display of the art of juxtaposition.

One of my favorite color combos...black and white
I even love the wall paneling...but I think eventually
it would make me crazy....but maybe not.

My other favorite color combos...light brown and white...

A sleigh bed....books on the floor...fluffy white linens..
Why yes thank you....I would love to sleep here!

If you go here on the Ethan Allen website
you can take a quiz that let's you know
what your signature style is
Mine came back as Romance....imagine that

Who says you have to choose just one...
I like them all!

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celesteandpearl.blogspot.com said...

What an amazing blog!! We love the monogram chairs!! We're doing a post on monograming and may even have to feature them and your cite. Thank you for sch beautiful inspiration!!
xx Liz and lo {celesteandpearl.blogspot.com}

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