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Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Find

Saturday sweet husband
was extra sweet and took me
down to Dixie Highway to thrift...
It's not a place I like to go by myself
 it always makes me laugh when i'm
reading a magazine and they mention
how decorators like to fly down to Palm Beach
and shop for finds on Dixie Highway!
Okay I guess...but I hope you bring a friend. 

Anyways I bring sweet husband who fights the traffic
for me and parks (cause that's the worst part) and lets
me hop out and go search while he waits.

Alright enough chit chat...on to the good stuff!
Guess what I found??
I almost ran across the store to get to this....

Isn't this lantern AWESOME!!!!
And here's the best part...I only paid
Can you believe it...I almost fell over!

It's huge!
And not only was sweet husband so sweet to take me
thrifting...he was REALLY SWEET to give
up his ceiling fan in the bedroom. 
Although I do think he cried a bit when he took it down

I am so thrilled with my weekend find...
We also spent the weekend cleaning up
and redecorating the glass house!
Come back tomorrow and i'll give you a tour!


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

WOW!!! What a steal! It is beautiful! I'm looking forward to the rest of the tour. :)

barbara said...

I was so pleased to see that you used Etta James music for this post. What a voice she had. I'm glad a new generation will remember that type music. You make me proud.

Missy in Texas said...

Hey there. I noticed you have an Ikea bed. I have been thinking about getting it for my daughter's room, but I am worried about how sturdy it is. Has it held up well for you? Is it rickety at all?
Thanks in advance, Melissa

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