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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Butterflies and Birds...Oak Tree Centerpiece

I know Easter has come and gone...
but I wanted to show you what
I did with the centerpiece
for our Easter Brunch.
It's not Easter
specific...you could use
it for Mother's Day,
Birthday's, Showers

I apologize that the pictures are
not that great...it's hard to take
pictures on our back porch...

Sweet husband removed a large branch
from one of the oak trees
 (it was hanging over the roof and had to be removed
anyway...no oaks were harmed in the making of this)

He then tied it with a zip tie to the existing hook
hanging from the ceiling....underneath is a
large sheet of florist Styrofoam that the base
of the branch is pushed into.

Then I just went wild...
hanging butterflies, birds and nest everywhere

At the base I covered the Styrofoam with green
and grey moss...to try and resemble the base of
a woodland forest...
Then I added the glittered mushrooms the kids
had made...and more butterflies!

Mushroom and bird glittering...in the process!
It was sooooo messy!

But I think it was worth it..

I don't think the pictures do it justice...
it was much prettier and bigger in person

It was a low cost....Big Impact centerpiece
Honestly the biggest cost was the butterflies..
I was able to get them 1/2 off so I probably
only spent $15 on them.
And I will have them again for next year!

You could do lots of things with this concept...
Take your branch and you could
hang....lanterns, lights, fruit, tags with
quotes or words on them, or flowers.
It would be cute for a dinner party to hang
trivia questions or conversation starters.
as long as you are consistent with the colors,
and style of whatever you are using it
will turn out cute as opposed to tacky!

Alright...i'm off to clean and polish a
dresser that I picked up this morning
because it had no home and begged
for me to give it one...
well at least that's what I heard it say


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Your center piece is so pretty and so dramatic! I really love it!!

Bring Pretty Back said...

What a PRETTY idea!! What a great hubby to help you! Haha! No trees were harmed .. ha!
Have a pretty day!

Getting to the Show said...

Hi niice reading your blog

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