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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Halloween House 2012

As promised here is our 
Halloween House 2012

If you remember last year 
the theme was
Edgar Allen Poe's 
The Raven
(click here & here to look back)

Well this year the theme is.....

The Haunted Mansion!

Don't let the gargoyles fool you
they may look like stone, but we hear
them growl at night.....

And if they don't alert us to your presence 
the calls of the ravens certainly do! 

Pay no mind to the sounds from the bushes...

This ghostly gentlemen greets you at the door...
warning you to turn back!

We hired an exterminator...but he must have missed this guy!

Looks like the driver of this buggy has been
stuck in traffic for a few years...

 Turtle shells, eggs and birds nest....
When the moon comes out at night
the raven's eyes glow red!

We hope you have enjoyed your tour of our 

....please make sure to shut the gate on
your way out...we would hate
for any more ghost to find their way in!

1 comment:

Patti said...

That is a great painting over the fireplace-really like how you incorporated it into the whole Halloween theme. Do you ever sleep!!!!

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