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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Barn Door

Who else besides me has fallen 
in love with all of the
sliding barn doors you've
been seeing in homes?

We have been looking for
a way to "dress" up a 
door way in our house...
it is the entrance to the
children's room and bathroom.

So I showed sweet husband
a few of the pictures I liked...
begged him to go on a 
pallet hunting run...
and here is what he created...

Let me show you how
he did it...

He dismantled two pallets
and laid out the 
frame of a door 
(customized to fit our space) 

Then he made two cross pieces
for the look and support

After that we discussed what type
of pattern we would like..
then he cut the pallet boards 
to fit the frame.

If you look closely you can
see the molding he used 
to attach the boards to...
and to keep them straight
because pallet boards
have a mind of their own

After hours and I do mean
HOURS...of sanding...
we stained the door.

 Now I wish I could be more helpful here...
but this is what I can tell you about the
 he went to his shop and created something...
 yep that's the best I can do for ya.

I know he took aluminum and created
brackets and a track.....
and then he attached rollers 
that came off an old glass sliding door...

I am so not kidding...
he is like MacGyver when he
rigs things...

We both love how it turned out...
even though he is threatening to
remove Pinterest from my computer

Now I just need to find the
right door pull for it...
good thing there is
an antique show this weekend!

We've also been very busy working
on fixing up the back porch...
here's a sneak peek! 

Thanks for stopping by to 
see our new "old" barn door...

To anonymous who left me a comment....
I don't know how to send you a reply so hopefully
you will see this...

You asked how sweet husband built the glass house....
specifically how he managed to attach all the windows together.

I will try and find out specifics for you...
but I can tell you that he built a
box like frame out of sturdy metal post...
If you would like to email me
I can have him give you more specific information!


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Wow! Of all the barn doors I've seen I think yours is my favorite! I love the patter of the wood and the stain too! I never would have guessed it was made from pallets! Very impressive! It looks rustic and lovely!

lina135v said...

This is great...I am gonna share w/my honey....I love how you upcycle

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