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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Decorator Challenge

Lately I have felt like a contestant on one of those HGTV decorating shows.
I've been given a room, budget and client to work with.
The room is my son's bedroom. The budget is basically non existent.
And the client has a list of wishes that's a mile long.
Let's just say that designing a room for Martha Stewart would stress me out less.His list includes the following:
A Big Bed - he prefers the Thomas bed from Pottery Barn (did I mention the budget?)
Green walls
The Madras Quilt from Pottery Barn (really who raised this kid)
A Bean Bag Chair
Nautical Boats
Framed Map of the animals of the world
His favorite Phillie's Jersey framed for display
A School locker
Desk with Chair
A Rug of his choosing
(he has been leaning over me the entire time I was Internet shopping rugs)
And last but not least a Temper Pedic Mattress
(I'm so removing his TV from his room)
We are currently in debates on the color of the bed. Dark wood or white, I prefer white.
And let's be honest, since sweet husband and I are paying the bill I'm gonna guess it will be white.
Since the Pottery Barn bed is out of the budget I spent 3 hours yesterday trying to find a similar one online. And HALLELUJAH I think I've found one! I'll keep you posted on that after I call and confirm availability.

This is his room currently, and it was fine when he was smaller, but now he barely fits in the twin bed. Did I mention the entire top bunk is Lego Land, good luck finding a spot for all those!
Silly decorator....who signs up for this sort of challenge?
Oh and by the way, he does have pillows, they were just being used as walls for a tent in my living room at the time I was taking these pictures...gosh don't you just love summer break!

Hmmmm...perhaps some sort of storage with doors would be a good idea.

We will be keeping the curtains and rods, so I would really like to see him keep the Nautical look.
I think I'll make the husband tell him NO to the framed jersey. Not that I'm afraid of my little client or anything, nope not at all!

Painting starts this weekend.
We have reached a compromise on the green color,
he picked out two and I gritted my teeth and let him choose his favorite.
Yeah I'm not sure where the compromise comes in either.
Stay tuned.....
(top two pictures from Pottery Barn Kids)


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This is going to be a fun room! Can't wait to see the results!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I only had a little taste of the picky client when I did her big girl room. She was only 3 so she really didnt care but asked for black walls, what?!? Uh, no.
I'm sure the room will be fabulous and can't wait to see.
If I have a vote, I vote for some color on the bed.

Lizzy said...

I'm voting for a full sized 'loft' bed...raised, like the bunk bed, but space below for legos, storage, beanbags, etc. they had one at Goodwill last week for $195...not white, but very light pine...would have been a good compromise on the wood color, and still matched (most) of his room! Easy to build...plans are all over the internet. Could be 'sweet husband's' next project?? :D

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