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Saturday, July 10, 2010


We are finally back and settled from our trip to North Carolina.
All the treasures we found have now been placed in their homes,
and I wanted to show them to you.

This is a statue we found at a beautiful antique store called Dovetail Antiques in Cashiers, North Carolina. The store was filled with all these wonderful french antiques. Everything was in shades of grey, creamy whites, a few (very) muted blues and browns.

Just a really gorgeous store. Wish I had thought to bring my camera.....I know blogging 101 right, don't forget the camera.

I was just so excited about getting to go to town and shop what can I say.

He is Fall from the Four Seasons. Which is really kinda cool because that's when we plan to really start the planting of all the vegetables. Let's hope he is full of good gardening luck....cause I really need it!

This is the pillar that we also found at Dovetail Antiques.

Isn't it positively yummy...love the wreath design.

And here it is folks......the items I spotted from the car as we pulled in and I didn't even wait for the engine to be off....I jumped right out to get to these.

Aren't they the most beautiful things you have seen...the picture really doesn't even do them justice. And they are heavy as all get out! Wish you could have seen the look I got from sweet husband when I told him that these were coming home with us (along with the heavy statues, pond yacht that rode on my feet home for 14 hours, the cabinet I'm about to show you, the 4 foot wrought iron candle holder and a few other odds and ends). Remember we were driving up and down mountains with all this loaded in the back of the truck. He really is a good husband...he never said a word.

We found them at Vivianne Metzger Antiques in Cashiers. She told me that she obtained them through a dealer in Birmingham, England and that he found them in a town called Wolverhampton, England. That's so cool....my urns are from across the pond!
They had lots of beautiful garden statues and urns along with antiques for your home. She is such a lovely and kind person...with lots of southern hospitality. If you are looking for anything like this give her a call 828-743-0642, I know she would be happy to help.

And last but not least here is the cabinet we found at a side of the road tent sale.
Sweet husband says it looks like a bird cage.
I bought it having absolutely NO idea where I was going to put it.
Then when we got it home, I went well DUHHH it matches the table in the glass house.
So now it sits on top.
All my summer vacations are over and it's back to reality.
It's time to really get started on my son's new room (I'll show you the pond yacht then).
And I really need to relocate the fairy garden because it's just not doing well in it's current spot.
Which brings me to what I bought for you in North Carolina .....keep an eye out in the next few weeks...I have a special giveaway coming.....something the fairies would like!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

These are fabulous pieces, Amy! Wonderful finds! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I love everything you found! I have never seen urns like that before, very cool and I love that they traveled so far to get to you. Sounds like a perfect trip!

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