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Monday, January 31, 2011


Well today it's back to reality...

we are home from a wonderful
time in Tampa!

The hotel was gorgeous...
I took a couple of pictures to show you...

These were my favorite chandeliers...
they hung in the lobby

Isn't it beautiful...I may have to add shells to
my chandeliers now!

And these were hanging in the Tommy Bahama store..
they also had great big pineapple lanterns hanging
outside of the hotel...but I forgot to take their picture.

My girlfriend Sondra and I loved
 all the white coral that was everywhere...

We had a great time with our friends....
and of course I had a great time seeing my
favorite cowboy in the whole wide world.....
Mr. George Strait!

He sure puts on one heck of a show!

I even threatend to try and sneak backstage...
and can you believe sweet husband even
offered to post my bail money if I did.
He is so good to me...
I'm sure he wasn't worried...
I would never be crazy enough
to try such a thing....Darn!

Time to unpack and then catch up
on all the new blog post I missed
while I was away!

Happy Monday

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