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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Day Menus

I love Valentine's Day...
that should come as no surprise
because as you have probably caught on
by now....every holiday that is coming up
IS my FAVORITE holiday!

Since it's that time to start getting
my hearts in a row....thought I
would share our Valentine's Day Menus
with you...and maybe give you some ideas for
your own Valentine's Day

We set the table the night before...once the
kids have gone to bed.  That way
it's all ready for the morning rush.

Breakfast is heart shaped pancakes
with orange juice spritzers...
even if you are in a hurry
you can microwave frozen pancakes
and cut them out with a cookie cutter.

Lunch is usually spent at work for
sweet husband and school for the kids...
so it's heart shaped PB&J sandwiches
with a special dessert treat of some sort.

Dinner is where we go all out....
hopefully at breakfast there was no syrup mishaps
so the table is still good to go....if not than we just
throw on a new table cloth and keep going!

Valentine's Dinner

French Bread with Heart Shaped Butter Pats

Fresh Baby Greens with Strawberry Hearts

Individual Beef Wellingtons

Twice Baked Potatoes

Red Velvet Cake
Torta Divina

Sparkling Cider

The menu looks impressive doesn't it...
SSSHHHH....don't tell anyone
it's super easy and you make everything
ahead of time!
When it's time for dinner you take the
beef wellingtons out of the fridge and
bake them and reheat the potatoes
plate the salads and you are done!

February the 1st!!!!
Can you believe how fast January went?
* If you would like the recipes....just email me
and I will forward them to you!


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

What time is dinner? What a fun day for you and your family! Your table is beautiful and the menu sounds delish!!

deborah said...

This is a beautiful post! So glad I stopped by.

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