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Sunday, April 3, 2011

My embarassing thrifting story of the week...

For all those times when I'm in the
right spot at the right time
and find the perfect item...
well this week was the complete opposite
It wasn't my finest thrifting week ever....
even the monthly antique show stunk!
Needless to say my mood has reflected
this bad thrifting streak

I knew it was going downhill when....
and I can't believe i'm going to share this
story...but here it goes

I was shopping in my favorite thrift store
and they were putting out on the floor
this absolutely gorgeous beyond my
imagination white grandfather clock...

 I go on over to check it out...
It's perfect....really beautiful
and a VERY VERY good price.

So I go and find the nice guy who works
there and tell him I totally want this clock...
so he writes me up a slip and we talk
about the clock and how awesome it is...
and then it hits me...

ONLY BE $29.99????

Yep you know where this is headed...

All of a sudden this wave of heat and nausea
overcomes me....
 I think I read the price wrong!

So I casually walk over there...
OH NO.....it's
$299.99 not $29.99

Now this is where I would
like to be able to tell you that I told
him that I had read the price wrong and
we had a good laugh over it....
But instead I chickened out
and told him I just didn't think it
would fit where I was planning on putting it...

Which truly wasn't a lie because if I had
told sweet husband that I bought a 300 dollar clock
from the thrift store you can guarantee it wouldn't
fit in the box I would be living in once he showed me the door!

Moral of this story....if it sounds to good to
be true...it probably is!
And I really need to get glasses...HA HA

So instead of bringing home a lovely new clock...
this sweet little Gardenia tree is the highlight of
my thrifting adventures this weekend!

Maybe next week I'll have better luck!


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Ha, ha! I can so relate. One time I was at a pricey garden shop. I was shocked and excited when I saw this beautiful old bench was only $90.00. Wow, I can actually afford something in here, I thought. Thank goodness I took a second look before heading to the register. Yep, it was $900.00!! Ouch!

Bring Pretty Back said...

HEEELARIOUS! Oh my! YES! This is something I would do! I had a nice embarrasing situation today. And yes, I also shared it on my blog... hahahhaaha!
Have a pretty day!

A Vintage Vine said...

That is a great story....I laugh at the idea of you in a box!!! I have been striking out lately too at thrift stores...but today I scored somethings, so maybe your luck will change too!!

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