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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Front Porch

We are finally finished decorating the
front porch for Halloween!
The kids wanted to go spooky this year
so we went with a theme....
 Edgar Allan Poe's poem
The Raven

and lots
and lots
and lots
of black birds

Sorry in advance for the picture overload...
but here it goes

I think this picture is spooky cause
it's getting dusky dark outside...this is the view from
inside my front door

This is a vintage 1920's baby carriage
that we found in Sea Island...

It is just so creepy...

Sweet husband and his Dad
made the gate out of scrap aluminum metal...
he modeled it after the one in the Pottery Barn Catalog

Can't wait for the grapevine leaves to turn brown
and add to the creepy effect.

Pretty Bird...

Putting this porch together cost under
$20.00!  Can you believe it...
I shopped the dollar store for the birds
(except the big one in the cage..i've had him for years)
the grey cloths and the rat also came from the dollar store.

My Dad pulled the grapevine out of his trees for me,
and Sweet Husband cut down the dead branches!

Everything else I pulled from the house...
lanterns, columns, birdcage...etc

Now if I could just get that gate to creak when
you open it i'd be all set!
Next post...we'll go inside the house....


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Wow - even creepy music! I want to trick or treat at your house!!!

Violetas Rendadas said...

Quanta imaginação. Ficou muito bonito. Legal a ideia do carinho de bebê, do corvo na gaiola e dos baraços nas paredes da varanda. Parabéns pela criatividade!!!!

Bring Pretty Back said...

Oh my gosh!! Your porch is so cool! That baby carriage is my favorite part!!!!!! Great job!
Have a pretty day!

barbara said...

Love the porch. Love the music. That "little" mouse is my favorite. Better hope he doesn't "escape"....Mom

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