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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Hijack

The Pineappleroom has been hijacked by her much younger sister! We are all fans of Amy's lovely creativity! I was proud of her attempt at a spooky porch this year for Halloween. However, you see in this family, I am the Queen of Halloween (self proclaimed of course)!

A few years back I realized there was no competing with Amy for Christmas decor so I decided I would excel at Halloween. So I am taking her blog to post some of my own pictures (bare with me I get excited)! Every year my Halloween displays grow a little more (much to my dear husbands dismay at clean up time). Not only do my parents help tremendously but I am also encouraged by our daughter who shares my love of Halloween. When I first started she was only two years old so to make things less scary we began naming our "characters."

"Witchy Poo Poo"

"Boo Boo" Our Skeleton.

This year may be my favorite spot for him so far!!

And our famous "Uncle Frank"

It was cute when our daughter was little and would tell strangers every October how we got Uncle Frank out of his plastic bag in the garage. However, now she is in school and every day I wait patiently for the proper authorities to come to my door and investigate...

My son is new to this this year. He was one week too "late" to enjoy the festivities last year. I'm proud to say he is already showing his excitement for the Holiday. And once I get him to stop eating the decorations he'll be a great helper!!

(Don't worry no real bats were harmed in the making of this post)

I will try to post more pictures after our annual Halloween Party. As soon as I figure out the new passwords since I'm sure Amy will be changing them this weekend!

Happy Halloween Decorating!


Lizzy said...

Love it!! Since we still haven't seen your older sister's previously-promised decorated house pictures, these are perfect! (and I agree that the piano is the perfect spot for Boo-Boo!) Have a Happy and a Safe Holiday!! :)

barbara said...

Loved that you hi-jacked your sister's blog. Too funny. Your decorations are looking great. Hope you are able to AGAIN hi-jack for the party pictures. I'll keep checking back. Good luck!

Ann Gray said...

I love the decorations. Halloween at your house is always so much fun! Can't wait to see Witchy Poo and all her friends. That little boy of yours is too cute! I can't wait to hug him.

Ivy and Elephants said...

I stumbled upon your blog and can't stop looking! Love the Halloween decor. And you say you hijacked the blog? ...This is getting more intriguing by the minute! LOL

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