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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I love the smell of spray paint in the morning!

Found this really cool old metal tool box when I was out thrifting and thought it would be cute painted black. So yesterday I took it outside and spray painted it. Which of course turned into me dragging a couple other things out there and spraying them too. Now if the wind would ever die down this morning I'm going to spray paint some more things....I have a pile of projects that need to be finished. But before I do, here is the finished tool box along with a picture of what inspired it!Tool Box before being painted

After being painted and me free handing the No 3. I really needed a stencil or stamp, but I didn't have one...so I winged it.

(Image from Pottery Barn)

These are the boxes from Pottery Barn that inspired me.
But don't tell my husband, I may have to buy these anyways.....aren't they just so darn cute.
And thanks to my sister who when I said to her "I love the smell of spray paint in the morning" told me I really should use that as my heading for the next blog. But, that I should clarify that I really wasn't smelling the paint! Good point....thanks Joy!

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I am lovin' your blog - I am your newest follower!


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