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Friday, April 16, 2010

These things make me happy

Happy Friday!
Thought I would share with you some pictures of things that make me happy and inspire me. The palest pink, almost white roses that I found at Whole Foods.

Pellegrino's beautiful green bottle and label.

The nautical stripes and buttons on my new shorts.

My favorite bust...I love how she is so chipped and worn.
But she wears her tiara well, with her held held high.
The classic Chanel No. 5, not only is the package amazing but the smell is heavenly.

The bright summer colors of citrus....and a good book.

I love the bluish- green hue of the bottles.
And a piece of Drift wood....even the name is lovely

A french linen sheet, with an old apothecary jar

One of two new bedside lamps that I bought from Ikea last weekend.

And finally a great big jar of sea glass. I love the colors and the texture. But most of all I love that every piece was collected by my children, my husband and myself. Because they are the ones that truly make me the happiest.

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