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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pom-Poms, Pins and Buckets

I have been getting ready for Easter this week. Now I should have been cleaning (and I have a little bit) but what I've really been doing is making things for the Egg Hunt and Brunch we have every year. I found a bunch of coffee filters at the thrift store last week. So I bought them....of course! I knew I had seen, somewhere, where they had turned coffee filters into wreaths, roses, etc.
I searched my favorite blogs and found this on http://tatertotsandjello.blogspot.com/. She took the coffee filters, dyed them and strung them with other paper and fabric and made it into a banner. So yesterday I spent the day dying and drying coffee filters (it really is a good thing my husband loves me). Love the way it turned out.....I plan to hang it over the desserts on Easter, unless of course I find a spot I like better.

Yes I know this picture is sideways, but when I flipped it around I decided I liked it better this way!

Excuse the leave debris on the roof, the oaks in the backyard are making a HUGE mess this week. And I'm waiting till the last minute to clean out there....because it's just going to make a mess again.

Coffee Filter Pom-Pom Ball....
I plan on making more to decorate the buffet table.

All the filters I bought at the Thrift Store....I still have a ton left!

Easter Pins I made for all the Moms! Thought they were cute in place of corsages.

Pails for the Easter Egg Hunt

I made name tags for all the buckets.
I love my new handy dandy metal tag crimper!

Backside of the name tags


Mabel, Nickel Design said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Especially the pom poms! They look better than the Martha ones!
Where did you get your metal tag crimper?

The Pineapple Room said...

Mabel, thank you! The metal tag crimper is in the scrapbooking department at Michael's craft store, it's 24.99, but if you wait for a coupon you can get it much cheaper. If you guys don't have a Michael's there i'd check a scrapbooking store. It's from the Making Memories company.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Ideas! Should have called it "pom poms, pins and Pails!! Buckets such a good idea!

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