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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Come on in for a tour...

I went a little shutter happy on our walk around the cottages at The Cloister this morning.....but I hope you find lots of inspiration in the following houses, gardens and gates like I did.

Would you look at the window above the front door....

The wall is made of Tabby....which is a mix of shell, lime, sand and water...it is so beautiful.

A better view of the gate....I am so in love with the gates and doors on the houses here...it's like their own secret access to some wonderful magical place. Matter of fact because of this morning's walk we went hunting for our own "gates" for the garden. And I found the most beautiful iron gates....right price and right look. Can't wait to get them home and put them up.

Now here is a great garden gate

This is a beautiful house....the whole front is all windows..

This side porch is completely made of window

Are you looking at the arched entrance to the house....stunning!!!

Love the windows

I think these are made of zinc or copper? But not sure...either way they are awesome!

Don't you just want to step inside and see what's there.

Wish you could see the top balcony, but the sunlight was to much.

Another beautiful gate.

Wish these pictures had come out better, the landscaping was beautiful and very well done.

Look at this urn...it was the center of attention. And see the door up top the balcony.

This was brick and they painted over it....great idea

I found a pineapple....look in the peak of the entry.

Another inspiring gate.

Two more beautiful urns.

This house was HUGE....and gorgeous.

This picture wasn't the best quality...but look at the front door.

View of one of the streets.

Another picture of the great landscape on this house.
Beautiful house with a beautiful bench. Sorry for all the pictures, I just couldn't help myself. This place is so beautiful....I hope you get to visit it sometime soon.

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