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Sunday, June 13, 2010

In the garden still.....

Okay so the garden is going much slower than I ever planned. We have had a few obstacles...such as a big footed dog not understanding boundaries...goodbye Okra, you never stood a chance....a massive flood in fairy land....don't worry their homeowners insurance kicked in and they are in the process of rebuilding, an investation of white flies, yuck, and last but certainly not least a few misunderstandings between the contractor (aka husband) and architect (aka me).

But I think we may be back on track and all on the same page....except maybe Layla the aforementioned big footed dog....who really just wants to play in the garden...but who can blame her.

So today we were able to get one truck load of rock laid in the garden area,
with any luck maybe another truck load tomorrow. And now that we have the details of the gates squared away maybe the contractor (husband...who isn't really happy about all this at the moment) will work on them tomorrow too.

In the meantime I have found a few pictures of inspiration to remind me that there really is a rainbow at the end of all this...and I wanted to share the pictures with you.....

A lovely spot to sit and enjoy all the hard work a garden takes

A stunning gate....

What a great secret hide out to read your magazine in

This is the ground covering that we need in the fairy garden...wonder if they sell it here in hot South Florida?

I'm off to get some sleep so we can start bright and early again in the garden...

(All photos from Country Living)

1 comment:

Gwen Charles said...

Your pics are so awesome!! I wish that I could have such a living area. My backyard is a deep slope and it's hard to situate. I do love gardening/planting. Your pics are nice. Great job!!

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